Easy disney manicure

Hello girls!
Today I bring you another easy manicure and original inspired by Mikey mousse. Estamanicura is made for a challenge, since I love participating in them.
The challenges are that a person proposes a manicure inspired by something and others make our version of that manicure. I recommend you to participate, you will have a good time and you will see what your imagination can be.
For this manicure of Mickey Mousse I made the head, his smile, the little ears and the red suit. That for sure I had done it for several days and I was getting rid of the enamel, this is what you have when you wear a bad top coat.

The result I think is a very original manicure and the best thing is that it is a very easy manicure to do, that we can all do at home.

What do you think of this disney manicure? Do you like easy manicures ?
Author: Melyssa PG, beauty and cosmetics blogger.