Whatsapp or LINE?

Hello girls!
Last week they cut me Whatsap, aiss almost gives me something at that moment, do not pay, and not for the 80 misers cents that ask, but because their payment methods are horrific! with how easy it is to have your mobile balance removed or pay with paypal and what they like to complicate our lives.
That's why I started using line, I already had it before but I barely used it, because I have to tell you that I like LINE, its emoticons are much better and also having free calls is a hoot, much better than the whatsapp .
What is my surprise that at 2 d my magic whatsapp starts working again, without having done absolutely nothing they have given me another month more for free.
Whatsapp or LINE
But if I tell you the truth now I use both, for me I would use only line but of course there are many people that I still do not know they have cut it and still use whatsap although I think it's only a matter of time before the latter disappears.
And who are you from? Whatsap or LINE ?